Ericka Lessard - bicom


As an Account Manager, Ericka handles day-to-day media and influencer relations, as well as client management. Thanks to her experience as a publicist in the sport & entertainment world and her work for different brands, her expertise now covers entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty from a 360-degree perspective.

Her motivation?

Getting out of her comfort zone! Being a very routine oriented person, Ericka needs challenges and change in every sphere of her life to create her magic!  From meeting new people to writing stories and brainstorming, the urge to discover something new is what makes her creativity and passion come to the fore.

Her inspiration?

All artists and creative souls who have become serious businesswomen in less publicized sectors. I love that the artists such as photographers, DJs, and dancers are now being recognized at their full value and that other industries appreciate their art. We love to see more women and diversity in all industries!

Fun fact?

I could eat breakfast from morning to night – “ You can never go wrong with fancy toasts!” That’s why I always have my friends over for all day brunches over the weekend (but also so I can go to bed early).