Marine Didierlaurent - bicom

The day-to-day?

She is in charge of the nan o-influencer platform b nation and makes sure the database is clean and up to date. She thinks about content and email marketing strategies to engage their members and keep the beautiful community of creators active. She is also always looking for new clients to work with, and is actively working on exciting big changes coming in 2024!

Her motivation?

Writing and traveling. At work, it’s all about analyzing results and navigating through the data, which is often what people like least but she loves interpreting all the metrics when a campaign is over to determine whether it’s successful or if there is room for improvement. “Numbers never lie!”

Her inspiration?

She tries to be her own inspiration, to provide flawless work so that she can feel the satisfaction of giving her all and have no regrets.

A fun fact?

Besides drinking more than a gallon of coffee a day, she is a real Christmas freak. She listens to Christmas music and watches Christmas movies all year long. She decorates as early as November and even kept her Christmas tree up until March once…