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Maison Riviera

b nation — The Oat Vegan Delight

October 2020


Maison Riviera, a Quebec-based dairy product company, asked bicom to promote its new launch, The Oat Vegan Delight, through a b nation campaign.


In support of a traditional public relations campaign to introduce The Oat Vegan Delight to the Canadian market, bicom organized a Canada-wide campaign to increase the brand’s visibility and awareness on social media.

Through the b nation, we also wanted to create a visual content database for the brand for year-round use.


This campaign was a success, all the objectives were surpassed.

  • 19 participants
  • 165 mentions, which was 205.5% more than the initial objective
  • An average of 9 posts per nano-influencers (when only 3 were requested in the initial brief)
  • 95% participation rate
  • 802,665 impressions
  • 4 nanos accepted to host giveaways for free after the campaign started (not part of the initial brief), testifying on how much they loved the products and the brand