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Founded in Montreal in 2000, Logient is the only company in the Montreal market that offers under the same roof such a diversified service offer in terms of business software, a development, integration, consulting and management offer that is adapts to the needs of each client, whatever they may be.

In 2021, a new CEO took over the helm of the company: Vincent Godcharles.

Bicom was mandated to rethink a brand positioning and awareness strategy through media relations. Our objective is to capitalize on the announcement of the acquisition of the company to generate positive visibility opportunities for Logient.


In order to achieve the objectives, our goal was to increase the visibility of Logient as a growing company in the Quebec media landscape.

Media Relations:

Traditional media relations campaign targeting industry media and the business press.

Personalized approaches to relevant media to position Logient and its president as an expert in relevant news topics.

Address the angles of growth, Quebec ownership and takeover.



Overall Results :  66 419 852 total Impressions.


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