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b nation terms and conditions


How b nation works ?

The b nation nano-influencer must apply by filling out the form and all questions available at this URL: https://www.bicom.ca/en/b-nation/influenceur/. The nano-influencer ensures that the information in his/her application and otherwise associated with his/her account, including email address and other contact information, is at all times complete, accurate and up-to-date. His/her profile is then checked and reviewed by the b nation and accepted or refused into the database.

He/she will then be contacted to participate in a campaign if there is a match between his/her interests, profile and those of our clients. When the nano-influencer is selected, we send him/her a brief so that he/she can read the guidelines of each campaign before receiving free products and/or services. All the main details of the campaign are included in this brief, whether it’s the brand presentation, the gifted product, the suggestions for content to be produced, the key messages to be integrated and even the hashtags. The nano-influencer is free to accept or decline the campaign. When he/she accepts, he/she agrees to produce the requested content and to respect the requirements and dates of the campaign.

In the specific case where a product was not received, did not work or the experience is negative, we invite the nano-influencer to inform us promptly and we will take the appropriate measures accordingly.

If a campaign is interrupted, suspended, postponed or cancelled at any time, the nano-influencer will be notified by private message or email and will be required to stop posting content immediately.

To comply with the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, the nano-influencer must indicate in each piece of content published as part of the campaign that the products or experience were gifted to him/her.

By checking the final box on the b nation application form, the nano-influencer agrees to the terms and conditions of b nation, agrees to respect them and is signed up for b nation marketing newsletters.

Qualification criteria

In order to qualify for b nation, the nano-influencer must meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 18 years old,
  • Live in Canada or the USA,
  • Have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers,
  • Have a public account,
  • Be active on social platforms and have published content within the last three months,
  • Have a good engagement rate.

We do not select members based on professionalism or aesthetics. Anyone who meets the criteria above can apply. You don’t have to be a photographer, model or videographer to be part of b nation.

Payment and remuneration

We do not pay the nano-influencers. The agreements of the b nation campaigns are made in exchange of products and/or services that meet the interests of the nano-influencer in compensation for the content creation. The value of the products or services given is negotiated with each brand. By joining b nation, the nano-influencer accepts this condition and understands that he/she will not be paid for a campaign.

Repurposing content

By participating in a campaign, the nano-influencer accepts that his/her content may be reposted or repurposed organically on the social platforms or website of the brand or b nation. The nano-influencer may not be asked for consent, but the credit will always be shown. In the case of promotional or commercial use of his/her content, an agreement will be made between the nano-influencer and the requester to obtain the rights to his/her content.


The nano-influencer agrees to respect and maintain the strict confidentiality of all information received by b nation in the scope of a campaign, including, but not limited to, the information communicated in the brief.

Personal Data Sharing

All the information submitted during subscription (which can be easily modified or deleted upon request) is used to better define the nano-influencer’s profile, in order to propose campaigns that best correspond to his/her personality and preferences.

The personal data of the nano-influencer is only accessible by b nation employees for the needs of their missions and for the purpose of analyzing the database.

It is never shared with brands. The only exception is for shipments of physical or digital merchandise, for which full names, mailing addresses, emails and cell phone numbers may be shared with the nano-influencer’s consent.

Duration of the relationship and removal from the database

The relationship between b nation and the nano-influencer begins when his/her profile is accepted into the database. It ends when the nano-influencer or b nation terminates the relationship.

The b nation may remove a nano-influencer’s profile from its database at any time if the admission criteria listed above are no longer met. Once a nano-influencer reaches more than 10,000 followers on one of his/her social platforms, he/she is no longer considered as a nano-influencer. He/she will no longer be contacted to participate in b nation campaigns but could be contacted by bicom.

A nano-influencer may request the removal of his/her profile at any time by written notice to bnation@bicom.ca. When a nano-influencer’s profile is removed, all information and data about him/her is automatically deleted and he/she will no longer be contacted by b nation. His/her subscription to b nation’s newsletter is also terminated.


For all questions or requests for clarification, please contact us at bnation@bicom.ca and we will respond as soon as possible.