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Successful online campaigns: advice from one of our public relations specialists

Organizing a fundraising campaign? Maybe a contest to drum up new clients? Finding the right way to handle public relations can sometimes be a real headache. Here are 5 key tips to successfully manage an online campaign.

1. Written content…Well-written content

Short and informative content, with special attention paid to referencing is best. Proofread…then proofread again! There is nothing worse than a text riddled with errors.

2. Sharp pictures

Nothing new here – photos are incredibly important on the Web. Photos (and videos) can personalize a brand, infuse life into a campaign, draw attention to key messages, etc. If you are planning a campaign, think about creating new content and taking new photos, even if it means hiring a professional. You’ll get a greater return on your investment because by doing so, you will create commitment and invite users to act.

3. Think local

When it comes to organizing a campaign for specific market, try as much as possible to think on a local, rather than a large, scale. Campaigns with local accents are generally more successful as people tend to identify with, and respond better to, what is familiar. This way, you cultivate commitment and strengthen relations with the target market.

4. Send a unified message

Everything must be completely aligned, for both traditional PR and for online. From blogger angles to campaign hashtags to multiple platform design, everything must be structured to maximize visibility and cultivate the most commitment possible.

5. Tie up loose ends

Far too often, a campaign will go by and no one really knows what happened…like who won the contest, for example. Make sure to tie up all the loose ends. It is important to announce campaign results, to publicize its impact and to be as transparent as possible!