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Fall 2017 beauty must-haves

Summer weather can take a toll on your skin, and as we move into Fall it can be time to reinvigorate and refresh for when the colder season arrives. How to maintain a healthy glow at all times? We bring you the latest skincare tips and tricks to help you as the seasons change.

Vitamin boost

It’s no secret, fruits have the enormous antioxidant power of rejuvenation and are particularly advantageous for skin and hair. Fall 2017 season marks the big comeback of Vitamin C-enhanced skincare and makeup. The powerhouse ingredient is known for its proven antioxidant properties that make skin look firmer, more radiant and glowing by dramatically brightening and evening complexion. Blueberries are also a great source of antioxidants and have power to shield the skin from free radicals, by empowering it against external damage.

Beauty saviours, powered by fruits:

Fall 2017 beauty must-haves, bicom

Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C 10-day cure with 15% pure Vitamin C for younger and rested look, $59, www.vichy.ca

4-5 drops of this miracle worker every morning for 10 days – and the skin looks more firm and radiant!

Fall 2017 beauty must-haves, bicom

Mistik antioxidant shampoo, hydro-serum and conditioner with blueberries, $17 for the serum, $19 for the shampoo and conditioner, www.mistiksource.com

100% organic daily haircare routine for fine and normal hair assures healthy strands – soft, smooth and frizz-free.

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Karine Joncas Hydra-Defense +C 5 in 1 cream with Australian prune extract, the anti-aging superfruit, $48, www.karinejoncas.com

For those who’ve been dreaming about peachy skin, this all-in-one multitasker cream is the answer. Light and smooth, it insures all bases are covered!

A good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to a healthy look and to a radiant glow. While we sleep, our cells work hard to help repair the external damage that was done to our skin during the day. Environmental aggression, like stress, pollution, sun rays, you name it – it all counts when it comes to skin. That is why it is very important to wash your face before going to bed and to nourish the skin and hair at night for regeneration.
Some products that will work for you while you rest:


Yves Rocher White Botanical brightening sleeping mask for all skin types, $44, www.yvesrocher.ca

This innovative gel texture hydrates and brightens the skin while you are asleep and will surprise you with an immediate glowing effect upon waking up.

 Fall 2017 beauty must-haves, bicom

Puressentiel Sommeil + bio dietary supplement, $15, www.puressentiel.ca

One drop filled with essential oils will help you relax and dream away after a long day!

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L’Oreal Professionnel Inforcer night anti-breakage overnight serum-gel, $24, www.lorealpro.com

A no-rinse solution enhanced with active ingredients that re-enforces hair during your sleep and helps untangle in the morning, all the while reducing hair loss due to breakage.

By Polina Lichagina