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Taking Action for our Planet – Where to Start?

In a few days, we will celebrate Earth Day, a day to raise awareness about the ecological issues that are causing the decline of our ecosystem. While it can sometimes feel like we are powerless, there are many ways to reduce our impact on the health of our planet. Perhaps the most accessible way to help is to attend a protest. For the past few years, the mobilization caused by social media promoting protests and rallies has been a force of change!

Here are some events to keep an eye on if you want to make your voice heard and go further than talking about it on your social media.

Montreal: The Protest for Climate at Jeanne Mance Park

On Saturday, April 22nd, on Earth Day, a large family-friendly gathering will take place, with the purpose of putting pressure on the institutions in place, through a march denouncing their inaction regarding climate issues. Hundreds of people are expected to attend. This event will start at Jeanne Mance Park and will be the perfect opportunity for Montrealers to address these environmental issues in an enthusiastic atmosphere! For more information, visit the Mouvement d’Éducation Populaire et d’Action Communautaire du Québec website.

Quebec City: Major manifestation in front of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Also on April 22nd, Quebec City will welcome protesters fighting against global warming in front of the MNBAQ at 1p.m. Once again, the goal is to use Earth Day to ask the government for more measures to fight climate issues. For more information, visit the website Mouvement d’Éducation Populaire et d’Action Communautaire du Québec.

Toronto: Fridays for Future

Toronto is one of the most environmentally active cities with its Fridays for Future events, which aim to mobilize citizens on Fridays to protest for the environment. In addition to having organized a climate protest on March 3rd, they have a tradition of walking together from Queen’s Park in honour of Earth Day. If you want more information, check out their Facebook group!

Vancouver: Protests Against the Fossil Fuel Projects

Since the beginning of April, protesters across Canada, including in Vancouver, have come together to oppose funding for RBC’s fossil fuel plans. Stay tuned for their upcoming marches to oppose the pipeline projects! They will be announcing it on the Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver website to engage citizens to join the movement