Èle Thibault - bicom


First of all, coffee. Then, I strategize the best approaches for fashion & lifestyle brands’ PR campaigns. I help execute those projects, whether it be through events, influencer & media campaigns. or through one of my many outside the box ideas!

Her motivation?

That changes quite frequently! I love to try everything; I often get caught up in new hobbies. What motivates me is learning about the world, the individuals that populate it, and the various cultures they have created together. I’m a reader, a listener, a creator, and a conversationalist.

Her inspiration?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chelsea Fagan, Camille Vasquez, and Shannon Boodram. I admire women who unapologetically take their place in male-dominated industries.

Fun fact?

I can tell you everything about your zodiac sign, and don’t be surprised if a carnelian crystal slips out of my purse by accident.