Jennifer Vignerie - bicom

The day-to-day?

She mentors the agency’s talent by fostering their development and integration while providing them with guidance. As Wellness and Talents Manager, Jennifer also oversees the recruitment and welcoming of new employees. Mobilizing teams, cultivating a sense of belonging and optimizing the employee experience are her objectives to ensure well-being at work.

Her motivation?

People, psychology, travel, good food with friends, TV shows, a good laugh, singing in the shower… the list could go on and on. Curious by nature, she likes to discover new things, new places and new people to enrich herself. The most important thing for her is to share her good mood and make the people around her happy.

Her inspiration?

Her grandmother and her mom. Besides being strong and courageous women, they are the funniest people she knows.

A fun fact?

Between the ages of 12 and 15, Jennifer was a ball girl at Roland Garros and the French Open, tennis tournaments that allowed her to meet her sporting idols.