Kathleen “Kat” Adams - bicom


As strategic thinking ideator and lead of the Toronto office, Kat is always looking to grow bicom’s presence across Canada while overseeing and supporting the busy team working in Toronto. Kat is a solution driven good listener, she can’t help but recommend ideas to help clients, staff and anyone she’s talking to with creative answers to tough problems. Passionate about sustainability and social impact campaigns, Kat is eager to keep learning new ways to leverage communications to create more inclusive and equitable world, and to motivate clients to tackle important changes required to have a greater impact on the planet, society and empower those who have been marginalized.

Her motivation?

Connecting people and ideas and sharing those messages with the world so others can participate in being the change they want to see in the world.

Her inspiration?

Her children, her husband and her Mum, as well as Greta Thunberg, Amanda Gorman, Brené Brown and anti-racism activists around the world. Kat has always been inspired by passionate people who are capable of setting fear aside to use their voices, legitimate research and the best available science to push for a better, more inclusive and healthier world for all.

Fun fact?

Due to her instinctively social and curious nature, Kat will try to make you laugh anytime you speak with her. Growing up, all of her report cards said she was a great student but she talked too much – big shout out to her teachers for pointing her towards a very satisfying career in communications.