Marie-Isabel Mercure Marquez - bicom


Marie-Isabel works with bicom’s corporate and beauty clients; her public relations skills work hand-in-hand with her passion for connecting with others. She strives to build authentic relationships with both clients and media.

Her motivation?

Marie-Isabel is captivated by anything & everything social, cultural and political. She’s forever building out her library – including books and documentaries! – that shed light on those very topics.

Her inspiration?

Beyoncé! She’s an iconic businesswoman, balanced by incredible creativity. She often tells herself “Beyoncé wasn’t built in one day!” to remind herself that, with time and effort, the sky’s the limit.

Fun fact?

While Marie-Isabel might seem like a big city girl, she grew up in a small village called Bas-Saint-Laurent. Her upbringing helped develop her handy side: she knows how to drive a tractor, heat a wood stove and harvest potatoes!