Sophie Charlier - bicom

The day-to-day?

Staring her career in France as a fashion and corporate publicist, Sophie’s knowledge now helps her service bicom clients. Whether working on traditional media relations or influencer marketing, she loves being a jack of all trades.

Her motivation?

Sophie’s passionate about nurturing her creative side. She’s up for trying her hand at just about anything, including drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, photography, collaging and make up. Her latest artistic adventure? Embroidery.

Her inspiration?

Hermione Granger for her determination, Lady Diana for her undeniable sense of style, and Jennifer Lawrence for her humor. And, once you combine all these remarkable women, you get Sophie’s number one inspiration… Her mom!

A fun fact?

Fantasy, superhero, K-drama, action… You name, Sophie’s seen it. This TV buff has binged more than 5,400 episodes in her lifetime.