Vicky Boudreau - bicom

The day-to-day?

Vicky deep dives to fully understand customers’ issues and suggest the best strategies. Always on the lookout for the latest decision-making trends, she’s involved in multiple conferences and events. As the President of ACRPQ (Alliance des cabinets de relations publiques du Québec), she spearheads the exploration of the industry’s future.

Her motivation?

Innovation! Vicky is addicted to emerging trends and tech advancement. Her latest hobbyhorse? Innovation networking; cross pollinating domain-specific information in an unexpected way to create something new.

Her inspiration?

Over the years, Vicky has met many people with atypical, inspiring jouneys. Whether great business women who advance society, or families in need humbly doing their best to get by, Vicky steeps herself in their stories to become a better person.

A fun fact?

Originally from the small village of Havre St-Pierre, Vicky is a fisherman’s daughter. As a child, she mistook lights on the horizon for New York and vowed to live in the big city one day!