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Fontaine Family

b nation — Campaign for Fontaine Family

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bicom, in collaboration with Montpak, developed and executed a three-pronged influencer marketing campaign, including b nation nano-influencers, to promote Fontaine Family’s veal over the course of June-August 2020. The nano-influencers shared original content and recipes using Fontaine Family promoting their Halal certification and demonstrating simple, nutritious, and tasty meals with the product.

The b nation nano-influencers who participated also increased hashtag awareness and extended the campaign reach beyond that of micro influencers. While 12 nano-influencers participated in sharing social content and recipes, the product was also sampled to a total of 21 nano-influencers, expanding the reach of the campaign to the brand’s target demographic.


  • Increase brand awareness and visibility for Fontaine Family’s veal products in Ontario’s Muslim community
  • Increase social visibility to the target community across Ontario
  • Demonstrate the brand’s versatility in meals in the Halal community


  • 12 b nation nano influencers
  • 335K total reach
  • 5,594 interactions (2,065 likes, 522 comments and 3,007 video views)
  • 14 Instagram Posts and 84 Instagram Stories