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b nation — Campaign for Vichy Normaderm

Skincare nano-influencers with oily to acne-prone skin
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Vichy commissioned bicom to curate and collaborate with 75 Canadian nano influencers to announce their Vichy.ca summer sale from August 22-31. Partners received a Normaderm product, along with the code ACNE to grant their followers 25% off site-wide. This was a b nation campaign, harnessing the power of Canada’s first ever nano influencer collective.


  • Generate sales
  • Create buzz
  • Reach the consumer audience by targeting beauty, family and lifestyle influencers
  • Recruit new users by motivating non-users to try Vichy products by driving advocacy & endorsement from credible sources


  • 16,943 interactions (14,100 likes et 2,853 comments)
  • 7% average engagement
  • 84 Instagram Posts and 304 Instagram Stories
  • Very good product feedback, surpassing results with 9 additional Instagram Posts and 154 additional Instagram Stories
  • Strong turnout, with a 119% participation rate
  • The selection of influencers was of high quality, with one achieving a record 28% engagement rate
  • For the first time in our collaborations with nano-influencers, an IGTV has been created