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b nation — National Campaign for CeraVe

Nano-influencers with an interest in skin care
Total Reach
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CeraVe is an affordable brand developed with dermatologists that offers a complete line of fragrance-free moisturizer, cleanser and anti-aging products. Its formulas are designed for all types of skin, even the most sensitive or atypical.

Since friends and family recommendations have 10x more impact than celebrities and influencers on social media, bicom chose for a collaboration of nano-influencers to promote the ultra-light moisturizing lotion SPF 30 (travel size) and the hydrating cleanser.


  • Increase brand awareness and visibility on social plateforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create social media content showcasing CeraVe’s products so that could subsequently be reused by the digital teams of CeraVe.
  • Build important organic relationships with real consumers.
  • Getting a real feedback on products.



At the end of this campaign, BICOM Communications was able to generate :

  • 65 participants (nano-influencers) with an interest in skin care; 26 in Quebec and 39 in the rest of Canada
  • 61 publications
  • 9,879 total interactions
  • An average commitment rate of 7,93%
  • 87 Instagram’ stories
  • A total reach of 336,167 hits
  • 6 blog posts