b nation campaign with Fraise d'Hiver for the Holiday- bicom
Winter Farm

b nation — Holiday Campaign for Fraise d’Hiver

December 2022
34 031
Average Engagement Rate


Winter Farm, the Quebec-based company behind Fraise d’Hiver, offers an innovative and environmentally friendly technological solution for consumers to enjoy high-quality local produce without the use of chemical pesticides year-round.

b nation had the opportunity to showcase Fraise d’Hiver through content created by participating nano-influencers who were asked to incorporate the 100% local strawberry into their holiday feast.


b nation chose to collaborate with a total of 57 nano-influencers living in Quebec, who had the chance to receive two trays of strawberries, in addition to a 50$ IGA gift card.

The campaign focused on generating brand visibility and building Fraise d’Hiver’s customer base in the participating IGA areas, as well as getting Instagram content promoting Fraise d’Hiver as an innovative technology and an eco-friendly solution.


The campaign had an impressive participation rate of 98%.

By the end of this campaign, b nation was able to generate:

  • 189 stories
  • 61 posts
  • 34,031 total interactions
  • A total reach of 997,000 potential impressions
  • An average engagement rate of 4% for static publications and 10% for Reels.