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Four O'Clock

b nation — Holiday Campaign for Four O’Clock

December 2022
74 507
Average Engagement Rate


A family business driven by a mother-daughter passion, Trans-Herbe Inc. is Canada’s largest importer of organic and fairtrade herbs, spices and teas, and a direct supplier of its products around the world, including Four O’Clock. Driven by a desire to bring unique and innovative recipes to Canadians, the Four O’Clock team has been actively developing fairtrade organic teas and herbal teas.

b nation had the opportunity to showcase the Four O’Clock brand through the new winter collection featuring four flavors; White Chocolate Coconut White Tea, Chocolate Mint Black Tea, Maple Pecan Chai Tea and Gingerbread Tea.


b nation decided to collaborate with a total of 100 nano-influencers from Quebec and Ontario to generate brand visibility, promote and encourage sales of the Four O’Clock winter flavors through posts and personalized 15% promo codes sent to each participant.

Four O’Clock’s new winter collection was shown in the nano-influencers’ daily lives as the perfect products for spending some quality time and relaxing in the spirit of the holiday season.


The campaign had an impressive participation rate of 98%.

By the end of the campaign, b nation was able to generate:

  • 343 stories
  • 45 static posts and 52 Reels on Instagram
  • 74,507 total interactions
  • A total reach of 1.8M potential impressions
  • An average engagement rate of 9.5%