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b nation — Lash Idôle and Généfique

February 2022
Average Engagement Rate


Lancôme French luxury brand’s mission is to make women more beautiful  by making them happier. Lancôme believes in beauty for all and for 85  years, the brand has strived to deliver top cosmetic innovations in regards  to quality, science and effectiveness.

Knowing that that nano-influencers remain the most effective conduit to  compel purchase behavior, bicom chose to collaborate with a total of 98  nano-influencers from Canada, for the Lancôme Lash Idôle campaign and  the Lancôme Advanced Généfique campaign.

50 nano-influencers had the opportunity to mark the 1  Anniversary of Lancôme’s Lash Idôle mascara by presenting the Lash Idôle line of products  to their followers. While 48 nano-influencers from Québec were invited to a  VIP webinar and shared the brand’s upcoming Pop-up shop, as well as  bringing awareness to Lancome’s Advanced Généfique line.


bicom collaborated with its b nation nano-influencers to increase  brand awareness and inform their community about their  products. Nano-influencers that participated to the Généfique  campaign were invited to attend a VIP Webinair to learn about  skincare and Lancôme’s vision.

The 98 Lancôme lovers had to create content during two weeks.  They had the opportunity to test the products and share their  opinions with their community.

Both campaigns were successful in learning about the brand and  the research behind each line. Furthermore, the different  campaigns revealed how Lancôme had kept its luxurious  reputation and raised a lot of new interest from other potential  customers. The nano-influencers really succeeded to develop a  range of useful content.


The Lash Idôle Campaign was a success with a participation rate of 90%.

At the end the campaign, bicom was able to generate:

  • 118 stories
  • 51 posts
  • 170,185 total interactions
  • A total reach of 1.7M potential impressions
  • An average engagement rate of 9%

The Généfique Campaign achieved a participation rate of 92%.

At the end of the campaign, bicom was able to generate:

  • 194 stories
  • 39 posts
  • 11,321 total interactions
  • A total reach of 1,9M potentialimpressions
  • An average engagement rate of 7%