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Stefano Faita

b nation — The Italian Table

December 2021
Average engagement rate


Stefano Faita and his team chose to work with bicom and nano-influencers from the b nation to introduce consumers to Stefano Faita’s Italian Table: simple and delicious products, genuine Italian cuisine, made in Quebec.

The challenge of the campaign was to create content to promote the brand and its values, i.e. the love of simple and tasty food as well as the art of sharing and conviviality, to Quebecers.


By sending 2 gift bags containing a variety of Stefano Faita products to the 30 nano influencers, the b nation campaign had 3 objectives and 1 KPI:

  • A “Italian Table” by Stefano Faita,
  • Increase the visibility and awareness of Stefano Faita’s products,
  • Collaborate with nanos influencers with an engagement rate higher than 2% and aligned with the brand, mainly family oriented,
  • A minimum of 2 stories and 1 Instagram post per nano-influencer.


The b nation campaign was very successful: the nano-influencers, impressed by the products’ tastiness, created quality content, generating a total of 150 mentions. The objectives of the campaign were thus achieved:

  • 30 participants
  • 713 K potential impressions
  • 150 mentions : 30 Instagram posts et 120 stories
  • 97%  participation rate
  • Average engagement rate of 3.7%