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b nation — Fall Campaign for Supporo

October 2022
Average Engagement Rate


With their new Fashion and Sport collection coming out, Supporo offered 30 nano-influencers the chance to try out their compression socks and see for themselves their health benefits as well as add a special touch to their personal style!


b nation aimed to raise Supporo brand acknowledgement by sharing the excitement about their new compression socks collection. To do so, b nation enlisted 30 nano-influencers who had a specific need for compression to spread the word about the new line. The campaign allowed the nano-influencers to test Supporo’s compression socks and their impacts on their health, then creating content to share their experience with their followers on Instagram.


The campaign had a 73% participation rate.

At the end of this campaign, bicom was able to generate:

  • 54 stories
  • 17 IG posts and 5 Reels
  • 10,366 total interactions
  • A total reach of 343K potential impressions
  • An average engagement rate of 5% for IG publications and 15% for Reels