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Gin Betchwan

Digital Ads Strategy — Gin Betchwan

13,25 %


For the holiday season, bicom developed a paid search engine optimization strategy.  In a crowded and competitive brand category, this tactic made  Gin Betchwan stand out from other local gins and generated consideration during a key sales period.


Created three topical, brand-relevant ads targeting three seasonal categories: gift ideas, 100% Québec & push to key retailers

Launched campaign 3 weeks prior to the holidays to take advantage of shopping buzz.

Campaign pushed traffic to SAQ website as the primary point of sale

Gin Betchwan


13.25% click-through rate (CTR)

24.57% consumers reached within the ad group containing keywords related to Québec products

$0.13 cost per click (CPC)

$1.30 industry benchmark

“Shop local” angle ensured strong campaign performance