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Maison Riviera

Influencer Marketing — Launch of the Versailles yogurt flavours

In January 2020, Maison Riviera – a Québecois dairy company – hired bicom to launch a national campaign for their new Versailles desserts.

Instagram Content


The primary objective was to introduce the collection and its two limited-edition flavours, raspberry mint and lemon ginger,  and build organic social media buzz.



bicom developed an organic influencer marketing campaign, sending creative mailers (containing a yogurt 4-pack, golden spoon, satin napkin and pink reusable caps) to influencers in Montréal and Toronto so they could stage their own glamorous Versailles moment.


The campaign generated:

3 million+ organic social media impressions

68% participation rate

122+ organic Instagram Posts

These strong results stemmed from bicom’s comprehensive influencer sourcing process, ensuring the target influencers’ Instagram feeds echoed the campaign concept and objectives.