Media Relations — Virtual Trivia Night hosted by Valeria Lipovetsky - bicom

Media Relations — Virtual Trivia Night hosted by Valeria Lipovetsky



Inspired by the passionate, informed, and ever-growing #skinfluencer community, bicom conceptualized a virtual trivia night that would introduce both skincare novices and enthusiasts to SkinCeuticals’ best-selling antioxidant formulas.



To drive engagement and compel social sharing during the event, bicom invited macro-influencer and SkinCeuticals user Valeria Lipovetsky to moderate the discussion and co-host the Zoom event with one of the brand’s in-house experts, Education and Scientific Communications Manager Chloe Smith.

Guests received special mailers beforehand so they could interact with the products being discussed on screen.

Content was a mix of brand history, product knowledge, and even scientific experiments performed in real time, all of which incited great interest, questions, and delight from the attendees. The education session was punctuated with trivia questions that guests rushed to answer in exchange for prizing. The evening was informative and dynamic – we’re still getting compliments to this day!


185 attendees ranging from nano to micro-influencer

15 million+ social media impressions