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Everything There Is to Know about Korean Skincare

The Korean trend has taken over social media, leaving many wondering: How did I miss out on this? Don’t worry; we’re taking you on board to uncover everything about the new Korean Skin Care trend, even endorsed by Alicia Moffet, who made it the subject of a TikTok chronicle. Let’s dive together into this vast and captivating world for skincare enthusiasts.



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The fundamental philosophy revolves around finding joy in self-care and embracing the benefits offered by nature. Korean skincare aims to restore and respect the skin, emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness, even though it requires time. Beyond anti-aging benefits, these products focus on deep daily hydration to achieve an even complexion. In South Korea, beauty standards are exceptional, driving the Korean beauty care industry to offer ranges that meet user expectations. These products, generally easy to use, stand out with attractive packaging because shopping always starts with the eyes!


Highlighted Products

Korean products fill gaps in the American market while being more affordable than their Western counterparts, which is greatly appreciated. Natural ingredients such as green tea, charcoal, rice, ginseng, centella asiatica, honey, propolis, and even snail mucin are widely used, bringing innovation to North American shelves. These products disrupt the skincare habits of enthusiasts with their unparalleled “glowy” effect.

Strict regulations and competition drive the industry to prioritize products that are often vegan and cruelty-free, with a minimum of fragrance (we LOVE that!). Gentle alternatives to active ingredients, such as acids and retinol, are encouraged.

A Korean skincare routine includes 10 steps:

  • Oil-based cleanser ;
  • Water-based cleanser ;
  • Exfoliator (once or twice a week) ;
  • Toner ;
  • Essence ;
  • Face oil, serum, or ampoule targeting your main skin concern ;
  • Sheet mask (not every day) ;
  • Eye cream ;
  • Moisturizer ;
  • Sunscreen (the most important step of all).

Ten steps may seem excessive to some, but many claim that trying it is adopting it! Now that the secrets of Korean Skin Care are revealed to you, it’s up to you to decide if you want to be captivated by this trend with multiple benefits.