The process behind our new look - bicom

The process behind our new look

Are you digging our new look? We’ve poured our hearts, souls and countless hours into this new design in collaboration with Human creative studio over the last year – all to get to this point. A point where we can finally say this is bicom simply by looking at a colour, image, or icon. Our branding is now a true representation of who we are… Confident. Playful. Bold. Passionate.

Scroll on to hear from our leaders about our rebranding process and what to consider when undertaking an identity refresh.

What did you consider when developing Bicom’s brand identity?

Vicky Boudreau: We wanted it to show our endless energy, our hustle and creativity that we built our company on, while showing our evolution as a more mature business. Today, we cater to bubbly fun brands as well as pharma or tech but we thrive for success with the same go-get-it attitude!

Daniella Macri: We wanted to shine a light on our amazing talent within the agency, along with the elevated service we strive to provide our clients each day.  We want those who chose to work with bicom to be as proud of our visual identity in the same way they are proud of the work we do.


Do you have any advice on how to allocate budget when undertaking a brand identity refresh?

Marie-Noelle Hamelin: It’s important to keep in mind that to develop a brand identity, or to refresh it, is not a cost, but rather an investment! As in everything, the budget needs to be significant in order to achieve good results but to remain reasonable to keep going!

DM: As any fellow agency can likely relate, spending time and resources on our own identity takes a backseat when business is booming. But it’s business-critical to keep a fresh, relevant visual identity that reflects the evolution of our business, so this exercise of “self-care” needs to be built into the operating budget. Work with your finance team and senior leadership to make the right investment choices that will drive the business forward, and dedicate an internal team to see it through. It’s a shared labour of love!


When did you know that it was time to consider a brand identity refresh for Bicom?

VB: When we first started the company we were in a hurry to pick our name, our brand colours and logo. Over the last few years we updated our image slightly but it was more personal preferences like “let’s get rid of the brown we can’t stand it anymore!” Now, we have grown into a more organized, strategic structure with international projects. So we wanted to take the time to invest in our identity. Clients trust us to represent them so we also need to take care of our own image.

DM: This is an exciting year for us – we’ve doubled our office size in both Montreal and Toronto and our workspace needs to reflect our new identity. Our portfolio of services has grown, we are a fully bilingual agency with a strong presence in Toronto supporting English Canada, and we needed to show this off.


What do you feel are the benefits of re-branding/refreshing an existing brand identity?

VB: I think that for the team it feels like getting a new haircut. It’s about finding what represents how you feel as a company. That image that suits you today but also that shows off where we want to go.

MNH: It allows us to show our evolution as an agency. It is key to redefine ourselves, to take the time to consolidate what we’ve become and to set up the right tools that will allow us to continue to move forward and aim for the stars.


How does our new visual identity help us stand out from competitors?

VB: I think it strongly represents our brand personality. It really builds a bridge between our fun, witty side and our performance driven ambitions. We are in a space where a lot of agencies are either very fluffy or very corporate, and I think we have a great mix of bringing a strong, results-driven expertise with a friendly approach to the table.

MN: It is fundamental to define your business and know yourself in order to distinguish yourself from the competition. We wanted our branding to mirror that, to reflect not only who we are as an agency, but the people who make bicom unique. The new look and feel was designed to introduce us as a mature, performance-oriented company that values human relations and offers the personalized touch found at boutique agencies. Of course, we are results-driven, but we make things happens and have fun in the process! We do everything to the fullest!

DM: Our talent and our work drive our business, this new branding is simply a platform to let that shine through.