Carmel Lagrandeur - bicom

The day-to-day?

As an Account Manager, Carmel juggles several disciplines in her daily life, including media relations, influencer marketing and digital communications for corporate and cultural accounts. Ambitious and passionate, she makes it a point to be fully involved in every project she undertakes and continuously learn from her experience.

Her motivation?

She has always had a keen interest in dance, and to put her creativity and passion to use, she started her own aerobics program and currently offers her classes to the City of Waterloo’s Recreation Department. She loves being able to give back to the community while continuing to practice her favourite art form.

Her inspiration?

Her mother! A single parent who has managed to balance her professional and personal life perfectly while she worked in the TV advertising field for many years. Carmel knows she can always count on her mother’s experience to inspire her in her public relations campaigns.

A fun fact?

Her guilty pleasure is to sing the Mixmania 1 album at the top of her lungs when she is alone in her car.