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Decoding Gen Z: Unraveling Core Values in the Age of Social Media

As we transition from traditional media and celebrity culture to the era of social media and influencer dominance, access to public opinion has never been easier. Everyone can participate in the conversation and share their thoughts on a public platform, ultimately, helping to reshape the dynamics of public discourse. Leveraging the bicom team’s genuine fascination with YouTube’s video essays (or, dare we say, rabbit holes) and mild reliance on TikTok, we’ve dissected insights into five core values of Gen Z.

Gen Z’s values :


Fitting in

Contrary to popular belief, Gen Zs deeply desire to fit in. Although it’s easier than ever to express your individuality,  the ever-growing list of labels, trends, and aesthetics showcases the need to constantly ‘’fit’’ into an ideal image.  With its algorithmic precision, platforms like TikTok intensify the pressure to project a carefully curated image. Our era’s pop culture labeled a “culture industry” by cultural analyst, Theodor Adorno, consistently pumps out micro-trends, contributing to constant over-analysis, categorization, praise, rejection, and ultimately, applause. No wonder Gen Zs have the highest level of anxiety!


Truth & Expertise

As perhaps the most ad-bombarded generation, Gen Z’ has gained an eye for empty claims. In a sea of influencer-approved products & services, they are more likely to turn to experts’ opinions, made easily available through the internet, to pick and choose which products they want to use their purchasing power on. Despite the desire to fit in,  Gen Z  values fact-checking which has been developed through their continuous exposure to sponsored online content. The ability to discern genuine expertise from deceptive marketing tactics has become integral to their consumer journey.



Gone are the days of aspiring to multi-million-dollar mansions and super-yachts. Gen Zs appreciates class consciousness, valuing social and economic awareness in our globally interconnected era. This generation recognizes and seeks to address socioeconomic disparities on both individual and community levels, actively engaging in conversations, advocating for justice, and supporting businesses championing ethical practices and social responsibility.



Often misinterpreted as “laziness” or “impatience”, the preference for convenience has become one of Gen Z’s cherished values. According to  ICSC, nearly half of them (48%) say they would pay a premium to have online orders delivered quickly. This practical mindset prioritizing efficiency is important to note when marketing services to Gen Z.



In line with the emerging trend of seeking online anonymity, especially among Gen Alpha, there is a notable shift away from the influencer-dominated culture. As the first generation of children who grew up with streamer & family-vlogging parents are becoming aware of online presence (& therefore digital footprint)  and increasingly becoming more wary of over-exposure.As our world continues to migrate online, from education to job searches, younger Gen Zs and Gen Alphas are challenging the norms of constant visibility, displaying a newfound awareness of privacy. 


Decoding Gen Z: Unraveling Core Values in the Age of Social Media, bicom


In a landscape flooded with mass-produced content and ever-changing current of thought, the younger generation’s core values are ever-evolving. It is crucial to recognize that consuming, creating, and reacting to content shapes public opinion. As you navigate online rants and commentary, try to consider the underlying ethical questions. Social conversations, after all, play a pivotal role in shaping our future.


Decoding Gen Z: Unraveling Core Values in the Age of Social Media, bicom