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5 golden rules for a successful corporate media relations campaign

When a company executes a media relations campaign targeting business and corporate media, the goal is often the same: grow brand visibility. However, while the general goal can be the same, specific goals emerge by defining an energy moment – whether you’re introducing a rebrand to your existing customer base or sharing exciting corporate news.


Energy moments and objectives might differ, but the underlying process is the same. Successful corporate media relations rests on 5 core pillars:


1. Be newsworthy


Give journalists something to chew on. It’s essential to stand out by sharing newsworthy news: notable events, merger-acquisitions, employee growth, etc. The press loves fresh information and, with the right strategic spin, a local company conquering new markets is a solid hook.


2. Have a clear message


Every company inhabits a niche: manufacturing, technology, cosmetics, etc. This expertise often comes with industry-specific jargon and we can easily forget that it isn’t part of everyday cultural conversation. If you work in digital marketing and hear leads, CPM, CTR … Easy enough to understand! But if you’re working in medicine, well… What?! Those terms fly right over your head. Clear messaging is essential when communicating with the public, so don’t be afraid to speak more colloquially; you’ll be perceived as more accessible. Prepare for your message to be received loud & clear!

5 golden rules for a successful corporate media relations campaign, bicom

3. Deploy your message to the right people


Once your message is clearly established, it’s time to get it out into the world. Wait, stop – don’t hit send.  You can’t send to just anyone. You need to be targeted in your outreach; don’t blast your  press release/pitch/newsletter to your entire media list. These woefully inundated  journalists receive hundreds upon hundreds of emails daily, so be smart about approaching the right person with the right angle. For example, if you’re a tech giant, why send your press release to a sports journalist? This might seem intuitive but it’s a common blunder. Remember that your address book is your best friend.


4. Ensure the diffusion of the message with a good spokesperson


Now that you’ve deployed your message, you’re (hopefully!) attracting media attention. You’ll soon have to answer questions from press across multiple formats: e-mail interviews, phone calls and even television/radio segments. So, now what?! It’s time to choose your spokesperson, someone that knows your company inside & out and reflects the brand values to a tee. A good spokesperson is simple, clear and a confident communicator. It won’t always be a CEO or founder; it’ll be the leader best suited to the opportunity. Tap into your resources: your Chief Communications Officer (CCO) or community manager might be your dream spokesperson.

5 golden rules for a successful corporate media relations campaign, bicom

5. Speak to a larger audience


It’s 2021 – a campaign doesn’t have to be limited to traditional medias. We all know the impact of digital and social media; heck, more than 17 million Canadians are active on LinkedIn. Combining traditional and digital media is the best way to multiply reach and target a wider audience. Look at  social media like it’s  word of mouth: every like, comment, share and save is a way to reach another network. It’s a very powerful and complementary tool to a traditional media approach.