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What type of mom are you?

Moms or mother figures are one of the most essential people in our lives, especially during this time of year. Every mom has different ways of loving her children. Here is a little quiz the b nation team made to find out what type of mom you are, and which celebrity mom you’d be like!


  1. In an ideal world, what activity would you like your child to do the most?
    1. Team sports
    2. Arts & Crafts at home
    3. Music lessons
    4. Playdates with other children


  1. Your child comes home with a bad science grade. What do you do?
    1. You set goals for them for the next trimester and you give them extra exercises to practice.
    2. You pay extra attention to them when they do their homework and make sure they don’t have any questions.
    3. You start by talking to the and seeing why they didn’t perform in that class before having a chat with their teacher and your kid to figure out the best learning approach for them.
    4. You tell them they’d ideally be above average and look up ways to help your kid in science online.


  1. Your child has been playing basketball for a year and now wants to quit. What do you do?
    1. You push for them to continue;  sportsmanship is so important in childhood!
    2. You say yes; those other kids are bullies anyway and your kid is always the one getting hurt!
    3. You try to figure out why that is, and you ask them to find something else to do instead; you want them to have fun!
    4. You try and get them to keep playing; it burns up their energy, and gives you a chance to socialize with the other moms!


  1. What do you do when the kids are (finally) asleep?
    1. You get a good workout in, clear your work emails and finish the night with some journaling so you’re on your A game tomorrow.
    2. You put on some chill music and do household chores while checking on the kids every now and then.
    3. You do the dishes and sit down comfortably with a snack to binge your favorite show.
    4. You catch up on your socials and Facetime your friends while you can!


  1. Your kid wins an academic contest at school. How do you celebrate?
    1. You shower them with congratulations and take them wherever they want: the toy store, the ice cream shop, the amusement park; anything for your champ!
    2. You let them pick a gift from the game store, but make sure they know that while you’re proud of them, that doesn’t mean they’ll get more screen time!
    3. You ask them what they would like to do to celebrate and extend their bedtime an hour later so they can enjoy the celebrations!
    4. You organize a surprise dinner and post about it on social media, sharing all the congratulations your followers are giving them!


  1. Your partner wants to take fewer vacation days with you and the kids than he did last year. How do you react?
    1. You say it’s fine, you can handle it! Although you’ll have to juggle a roadtrip with the kids, soccer practice, singing lessons and your weekend with your friends that’s been planned for months… but you can do it!
    2. You’re a bit disappointed your partner won’t be there as much, but you’re looking forward to more one-on-one time with the kids; they’ll have fun with their mama!
    3. You keep it cool and book your vacation days a few days after your partner; the kids will have time with their other parent, a family camping trip and then a week with their mom!
    4. You’re really bummed out; you had planned to have a European Summer with your kids and partner, but you won’t be able to fit that in a week…you’ll just have to find other amazing summer activities!


  1. Your child seems more withdrawn lately; how do you handle the situation?
    1. You cheer them up by signing them up in a new activity; hopefully, it’ll get them to open up!
    2. You pay more attention to catch any problem they might be having and try to bond with them.
    3. You try to discuss it with them outright and to let them know they can lean on you when they feel comfortable to do so.
    4. You ask for counsel from your fellow TikTok moms and try to involve your kid in your daily tasks.


  1. You catch your child drawing on the wall; what do you do?
    1. You punish them for doing so, but repurpose their energy in a drawing contest; if they want to draw, they’ll draw!
    2. You remind them that there are rules around the house, and while you know they didn’t mean any harm, you’ll still have to cut their screen time in half for a few days.
    3. You remind them to always ask their mom before using the markers, but you outline a “drawing zone” on that wall for them; you were going to paint them again soon anyway!
    4. You keep your calm even though you’ve just re-done the kitchen walls and after giving your kid a warning and a new activity, you vent about it on Instagram.



You had a majority of “a” answers:

You’re Jennifer Lopez, the overachiever mom!

Like J-Lo, you don’t shy away from a challenge, and neither do your kids! Whether it’s music, theater, sports or literature, you encourage them to do it all and hold them at a high standard, like you do yourself. You just know they have the potential to be great humans!

type of mom Jennifer Lopez


You had a majority of “b” answers:

You’re Kate Winslet, the helicopter mom!

You might hover a bit, but what’s the problem with that? Like Kate Winslet, who keeps her kids well-mannered and off all social media, you have a hands-on approach with your children and make sure they have boundaries to ensure their well-being. You love spending time with your children and prioritize their safety (that’s why Kate has also banned jumping on the bed)!

type of mom Kate Winslet

You had a majority of “c” answers:

You’re Chrissy Teigen, the intuitive mom!

Your philosophy in parenting is truly “go with the flow”. You like to let your kids explore the world for themselves, and when a problem arises, you prefer to figure out what’s best for them and for your family rather than look for a quick fix; You’re a true Chrissy!

type of mom chrissy teigen


You had a majority of “d” answers:

You’re Abbie Herbert, the social mom!

You are truly a social butterfly, and you strive for Instagrammable moments. You like to have a network of parents who you can relate with and with whom you can discuss your child’s milestones as well as their rough patches. Like Abbie, you adore your little ones, and the world deserves to know it!

type of mom abbie hebert