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Event — Bridgerton Experience

+ 30M
Traditonal media total reach
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Launched in 2015, Fever has a mission to revolutionize entertainment experiences. Present in over 80 cities worldwide, including Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

Fever has inspired more than 60 million people to discover the best experiences in their cities. From concerts to immersive exhibitions, interactive theatrical experiences, festivals, to molecular cocktail pop-ups, Fever has become the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform.


In spring 2022, Fever launched an immersive show co-produced by Netflix: The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience.

Bicom was mandated to promote the new experience to media in Quebec market and encourage people to participate.


Alors ? Vous validez la robe finalement?🥲 #bridgertonball #bridgerton #pourtoi #fyp @bridgertonexperience #princesse

♬ Wildest Dreams – Duomo



Bicom’s strategy was to coordinate media and influencer relations campaigns to generate enthusiasm for the events.

Writing and distributing a press release and personalized follow-ups.

Inviting a curated list of journalists, public figures and influencers to be present at the event.

Personalized follow-ups following the evening to secure media and social platforms of the guests.

Inviting major influencers to participate in the experience, which generated enthusiasm and buzz on social networks for the show.


Traditional media

56 mentions for a total reach of 30 590 450.

5 radio

5 TV

4 daily papers

42 digital mentions

Social Media

203 mentions for a total reach of 14,144,425 

193 mentions on Instagram

24 posts

169 stories

7 mentions on TikTok

2 mentions on YouTube

1 Facebook post

All of the 30 influencers invited posted about their experience