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Nano-influencers: 10X more impact than celebrities*

Pioneering in influence marketing for over a decade and always seeking to simplify the relationship between brands and their consumers, bicom launched b nation in 2018, the first Canadian collective of nano-influencers.

Today, b nation becomes Heylist, an accessible influence marketing platform for everyone, where brands connect with a community of content creators to create, follow, and measure their marketing campaigns.

Why join Heylist?

We are constantly looking for nano-influencers who can discover and test our clients' products and experiences.

By joining Heylist, you could promote brands that perfectly match your content.
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more impact than a celebrity
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Everything you need to know about nano influencers

What is a nano-influencer?

The term describes a new category of influencers who have a smaller reach (10,000 followers or less) than traditional influencers, but who still influence their followers through their recommendations.

How can I get involved in your campaigns?

For that, you need to be part of Heylist and sign up by visiting Heylist.com.

How do you communicate with us?

Through the Heylist platform and by mail when we send product samples or other gifts.

Can influencers collaborate with other agencies or brands?

Absolutely. We don’t expect exclusivity!

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    Your customers are also nano influencers!

    Since the fall of 2024, b nation has become Heylist, a collaborative influence marketing platform where your brand can be known through the authentic voices of content creators.

    Heylist is not just a directory; it's a living, thriving community of trendsetters that values partnerships that resonate. It's a collaborative ecosystem that celebrates creative collaborations and rewards truly authentic engagement.
    Average engagement rate at b nation
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    Our experience

    Everything you need to know about nano influencers

    What is a nano-influencer?

    The term describes a new category of influencers who have a smaller reach (10,000 followers or less) than traditional influencers, but who still have a significant influence on their followers through their recommendations.

    How do you recruit nano-influencers?

    For that, you need to be part of Heylist and sign up by visiting Heylist.com.

    What’s the ideal number for a good campaign?

    The number of nano influencers varies by campaign depending on the brand’s objectives available budget. In the past year, we have activated 25 to 200 nano influencers per campaign, with impressive results.

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    b nation — La routine Feel Good

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    b nation — The Italian Table

    Opportunity Stefano Faita and his team chose to work with bicom and nano-influencers from the b nation to introduce consumers to Stefano Faita's Italian Table: simple and delicious products, genuine Italian cuisine, made in Quebec. The challenge of the campaign was to create content [...]

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    What they say about us

    Driven solutions

    It’s been a real pleasure collaborating with the team at Bicom. They are professional PR strategists who know how to propose ROI driven solutions to their clients. They take the time to get to know their clients and are always available to answer any questions and guide us in the right direction. We have definitely seen their impact on our business and it’s been nothing but positive.
    Shari Nowroozi
    Social & Advocacy Acceleration Manager, L'Oréal Luxe


    bicom is more than an exceptional business partner; they’re a real family. Their team of highly proactive and skilled strategists are also trustworthy people with big hearts and strong values. They consistently exceed expectations and take our business to the next level. They always manage to surprise us – either by providing spot on advice or presenting an incredible opportunity. bicom’s added value is priceless!
    Zohra El Gharbi
    Co-Founder, TANIT


    The bicom team is eternally helpful and leads projects with agility and kindness. As our business partner of several years, they’re truly part of the CeraVe family!
    Zoée Matte
    Integrated Communications Leader, CeraVe Canada

    Expert advice

    Bicom works in tandem with our marketing team to help our brand reach its customers by identifying the right media mix. From national publications and television programs, to nano-influencers on social media, Bicom works to forge relationships with our end users via various PR channels. Their expertise has allowed us to expand our brand’s reach across generations. Something that cannot be emphasized enough is how easy the Bicom team is to work with; they provide expert advice to guide our brand outreach.
    Christian Chevalier
    Marketing Manager, WonderBra

    Professionalism & dedication

    The bicom team is quick, efficient, professional, dedicated, creative, and generous with their time and talent. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside individuals who are passionate about their work and who truly love fashion, beauty, and culture from here or abroad
    Joanie Pietracupa
    Editor-in-chief, multiple magazines, KO Media


    The bicom communications team is efficient, professional and proactive. From well-written and informative press releases, to prompt delivery on image and interview requests, the bicom team delivers — even on a deadline.
    Aleesha Harris
    Editor, Vancouver Sun


    I contact bicom frequently to help me with various freelance projects I’m working on, from special sections for The Globe & Mail to lifestyle features. What continues to impress me is the intuitiveness with which my requests are handled. I know that I will get a prompt, complete response with the information I needed. To a journalist, it makes a world of difference when you know that your requests will be being handled so professionally. Featuring bicom clients is so easy, thanks to its amazing staff. Highly recommended.
    Michele Sponagle
    Travel contributor, The Globe & Mail


    By connecting me with brands that fit my profile and inviting me to their events, the bicom team gives me tools that allow me to stay on the top of my creativity.
    Abeille Gélinas
    DJ, Blogger


    What I like about bicom is their honesty. They know what they are doing, understand requirements, media needs, emergencies and production delays. Knowing this, we work together on a very clear and solid basis. I know that bicom will be honest in their approach – their goal is not to simply reach our visibility objectives but rather to build a trustworthy relationships with our clientele and collaborators.
    Carlos Ferreira
    Owner, Ferreira Group.